The Medical Marijuana Strain Guide

24 10 2011

A good friend of mine stumbled upon the Medical Marijuana strainsStrain Guide. This site is freakin’ awesome. There is so much information on so many different strains. Great description of the effects of each also. I mean… Just great stuff. Hell, they even tell you if it’s better for day or night use! A must browse.

Check it out here:


While blogging I was listening to Black Sabbath – Sabbath Bloody Sabbath


Talkin’ to a Buddy on Skype

23 10 2011

Smokin’ with a friend on Sunday over Skype. He was showing me the sticker that he uses to scoop his weed with when I hit the print screen button and caught this screen shot.

I just had to share the moment!


While blogging I was listening to Saxon – Denim And Leather

Beautiful Place to Smoke… I Think I will!

16 10 2011


Southern Alberta rocks!

Live…right now

16 10 2011


Just smoooooookin’