Hee hee hee…

29 03 2010

Ah, Linus lecturing Charlie Brown on using moderation while Charliesmoking marijuana. I always suspected that those two were secret stoners! I stumbled on this little gem of a Peanuts meet weed comic a couple of minutes ago, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do…

Use Moderation, Charlie Brown!

While writing this post I was listening to The Mars Volta – De-Loused In The Comatorium – Inertiatic ESP


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Pot Cookie Monster

17 03 2010

Ok… potcookiemonster

So, there I was, just sitting there buzzing away clicking my Stumbleupon button when I stumbled Upon a little video on CollegeHumor.com called Pot Cookie  Monster.

Wow, I laughed sooo freakin’ hard.

You watch it now!


While writing this post I was listening to dick dale – better shred than dead: the dick dale anthology – riders in the sky


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Chocolate Cake in a Cup in 5 Minutes

5 03 2010

4v3jtu Someone has revolutionized the Munchies: Chocolate cake in a cup that you can make in 5 minutes. You read that right: chocolate cake in 5 minutes.

I stumbled on this recipe on the Dizzy Dee blog a couple of minutes ago. I haven’t tried it, but I definitely will… perhaps tomorrow. I KNOW this will be good.

Oh… did I mention that the recipe is simple enough to do while baked out of your tree?

So, go… Go my fellow Potheads and make this chocolate cake and rejoice!



While posting this, I was listening to Portishead – Third (Advance) – We Carry On

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