Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson Performing in Amsterdam, 2008

30 06 2010


Two of entertainment’s biggest self-professed Pot smokers goty together and performed this song in Amsterdam bacin in 2008.

Hope you enjoy it, folks!

A Page Dedicated to Cooking With Pot

27 06 2010

Oh Lordy; Here is a page dedicated to the art of cooking with Pot. stonercookbook

The Stoner’s Cook book in all it’s awesomeness!!!

This is quite awesome. I have on several occasions eaten items “seasoned” with weed and love it, when I have several hours where I have nothing that I need to do as the buzz lasts a looong time.

I think I might spend a weekend making a number of these recipes!

Hope you enjoy; The  link is below:

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Let’s Be Blunt…

23 06 2010

I just stumbled upon this and I like it!

Click to get the full sized image


88 MacGuyver Bongs

22 06 2010

Macguy Just stumbled on a post over at COED Magazine ( of a gallery of 88 home mage “MacGuyvered” bongs. There are some pretty funny/neat bongs there.

Check it out here:

So, I Managed to Put About 4 Grams Through the Washing Machine

22 06 2010


I seem to have just put about four grams of super premium weed through the damned wash.

What a freakin’ waste, folks. Do me a favour? Promise me you’ll check all your pockets before doing laundry, as I would hate to see a fellow Pothead suffer the same fate as me.


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Neighbours Decide to Legalize Pot Amongst Themselves. Hmmm…

19 06 2010

According to a post over at The, thumbs-up-for-pot residents of Granada Hills, a suburb of Las Angeles, California have voted to legalize marijuana for personal use amongst themselves.

The vote, which was unanimously in favour of legalizing pot in the neighbourhood, took place in one of the resident’s garage. That sounds pretty legit! I bet that the air in that garage was a little hazy.

It’s not know whether the vote would hold up in court if challenged.

Check out the original article here:

While blogging I was listening to the always awesome Pink Floyd – Meddle – One Of These Days

Danny DeVito Excited About the Possibility of Legalized Weed

18 06 2010

So, I found a link from Reddit to a Gawker TV piece about Danny DeVito and how hedannydeVito likes to occasionally smoke the Green Stuff with his wife Rhea Perlman.

I have always liked Danny DeVito, starting with his masterful portrayal of the loathsome character "Louie De Palma" on the great television series, Taxi (1978–1983) and just about everything else since then. He’s played many rolls and produced and directed many movies since that little series, and somehow he still seems to still be having fun doing it. It seems to show in his work, and large body of work it is. I have to say, that he seems cool and I am definitely not surprised that e smokes: I am just very impressed that he admits it publicly.

Any way, check out the piece at the link below:

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