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29 05 2010

Gotta’ love the Trailer Park Boys!pot-dizzy-animated


Another Good Stumble: The Stoner Achievement List

27 05 2010

Just stumbling away when I happily found this:000

The Stoner Achievement list!

I got a few chuckles out of the list, and have completed many points on it…

How do you rank?

Check it out here:


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Game: Bong-O-Matic

24 05 2010

Ok, now this is very stupid, and I totally love it:bongomatic It’s a cheezy Flash game called Bong-O-Matic. You have to get a Hippy high by adjusting the four available controls on a convoluted Bong device without harming the Hippy or busting the Bong.  The controls are Speed, Mix (Air/Dope),Thrust and Capacity.

Totally stupid and totally fun!

Play it here:


ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) Progress Slowed By Cannabinoid

24 05 2010

Well looky here: A substance found in pot has been imageshown to slow the progress  the the terrible neurological wasting disease, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (a.k.a. ALS or Lou Gehrig‘s Disease). This is a terrible disease and anything that can help battle it is great.

Check out the article here:



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Marijuana Prohibitionist Basically Gets His But Handed to Him By NORML’s Allen St-Pierre

24 05 2010

Check it out here:

Thanks Reddit, as this is where I originally found out about this!

While blogging I was listening to Pink Floyd – Obscured By Clouds – Childhoods End

1942 U.S. War Effort Film: Hemp for Victory

24 05 2010

Here in all of it’s dry, fuzzy and none too exciting glory is the 1942 U.S F.D.A. and Department of Defence film, Hemp for Victory.

Produced and released in an effort to convince farmers to grow the incredibly versatile Hemp plant (pot without the stuff that makes you fuzzy), in order to help the War effort.

Now I think it’s next to impossible to get a permit to grow hemp in the U.S.A.

Check it out…

For Victory!

Another Random Pot Image Stumble

23 05 2010

Damn, I love Stumbleupon!

the image

Just tumbled upon this image and it made me laugh.

Hope you enjoy it, too.

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