For Your Viewing Pleasure: A Couple of Pizza Hut Employees Passing a Bong At Work On New Years

6 01 2016

Just for shits n’ giggles…

Arnold Schwarzenegger Smoking Weed… And Singing Happy Birthday To Lou Ferrigno

4 12 2015

Just because…

It’s Happening: Justin Trudeau Orders Canada’s Justice Minister To Begin the Process of Marijuana Legalization

16 11 2015

Flag_of_Canada.svg copyWell, it’s finally happening: Canada’s new Liberal government is moving to legalize marijuana. Part of their election platform, Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government is starting the ball rolling on the legalization of marijuana. Finally we can stop worrying about being persecuted for something that doesn’t harm anyone. Sure, for several years, if you had under thirty grams, you would only get a fine, like a parking ticket, but even that is/was unnecessary. Another great benefit will be the taxes that the government will be be able to take in: one you IMG_0906tax pot, you open a huge, previously untapped revenue stream that can be put towards education, health and infrastructure. At a time when the Canadian economy is on shaky grounds, this can be a huge overall economic benefit. On top of all that, it’s going to be really nice to be able to go into a store and buy my pot, instead of having to setup a clandestine meeting at an inconvenient time. Yes sir, I’m going to be happy when this is all said and done!

Check out this article on for more info: Justin Trudeau Has Ordered Canada’s Justice Minister to Start the Weed Legalization Process

Justin Trudeau’s Liberals Elected Here in Canada–Promises to Legalize Marijuana

20 10 2015

I know a lot of people outside Canada think that marijuana is legal in Canada, but it’s not. It’s decriminalized, and that’s not quite the same thing.

Well, last night (October 19, 2015), we Canadians kicked out our Conservative government and voted in the Liberal Party of Canada, led by Justin Trudeau. One of their many campaign promises was/is to finally legalize marijuana  here in Canada. What does this mean? No more sneaking off to a seedy dealers place, or worrying about getting caught and having to pay a stupid fine. No, if they do as planned, we will be able to buy our pot legally… And I can’t wait. They take power in January of 2016 – Let’s hope they come through!

420 In Edmonton Was Awesome

21 04 2015

As I usually do, I spent this years April 20th (a.k.a. 430), in Alberta’s capital, Edmonton. A happy crowd gathers here at the park on the Provincial Legislature grounds. It’s always a good time and each and every year the crowd grows larger. Check out the pictures and I hope you enjoy them.

Until later, take care.

Wave it Proudly

20 04 2015



20 04 2015



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