What’s on the Menu for Tonight? KUSH!!!

19 12 2010


Woohoo!!! This is some of the sweetest tasting weed I have had in a long time.

While blogging I was listening to Big John Bates – Take Your Medicine – Poppa Spoonful

The Union–A Documentary About Pot and Prohibition

10 12 2010

Check out this great user submitted link to the Documentary, The Union. It`s a documentary on Pot, the prohibition of Pot and why that prohibition doesn’t work.

This comes highly recommended.

You can watch the whole thing online here:

The Union

Breaking News!

10 12 2010

This just in over the wire moments ago :



Photo taken at 10:38pm MST (-7:00 GMT), December 10, 2010 somewhere in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Thanks to field reporter and Eye on the Town, Manny McShark-Shark for the exclusive.

While blogging I was listening to Uriah Heep – High and Mighty – One Way or Another

German Police Seize Pot Christmas Tree

9 12 2010


This kinda’ made me laugh: Police in Germany seized some one’s pot plant Christmas tree. I find this particularly funny because I had a pot Christmas tree back in University!Check it out here: