Kindred Spirits (Links)

Links to Like-Minded Sites on the ‘Net

This is where you will find links to cool sites that I think make sense being here.

This list will be continually changing, so please check back often and please: Send me suggestions for links here

The Links:

A Stoner’s DiaryA day in the life of your average female stoner.

This is an awesome blog; fun and very readable. What the hell are you still doing here… go!

High Ideas

An awesome place to post your great ideas you get while high… and to read the ideas of other Pot Heads

A great Pot blog with lots to see. Great links to both funny and serious stuff. HIGHLY recommended! (Pun totally intended)

420 Tribune

A great Marijuana blog

Still a Hippiess News Blog

A blog dealing in marijuana news. Good stuff there!

High Times

The true veterans of Marijuana Media. I remember hiding High Times magazines away from my mom as if they were porn!

Weed Porn Daily

A whole freakin’ boat-load of awesome Weedish eye candy… and a lot more!


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