This is going to be where I post easy to make, but tasty recipes or links to other sites with good recipes. Sure there will be some recipes for cooking with pot, but most I think will be recipes for quick tasty snacks to eat while you’re already high.

I hope you enjoy then, and please: if you have any recipes you want to share send them to

Pepperoni Pizza Puffs… Fuck Yeah!

So, one of my friends stumbled on this recipe and he has already tried it aP1270049x few times… Once just now while we were smoking together on Skype (Jerk!)…

They’re called Pepperoni Pizza Puffs and they are easy to make and apparently delicious so go make some and tell me about it


Here’s the link:

Chocolate Cake in Five Freakin’ Minutes… In a Cup!

That’s right, you can make delicious tasty chocolate cake in five minutes with a microwave and some very basic ingredients.

Here’s the recipe:

Chocolate cake in five mintes


This is taken directly from Wikipedia:

“Cannabutter”, “butterjuana”, or “marijuana butter” is a butter-based solution which has been infused with cannabinoids.[6] This is achieved by heating the raw cannabis material (leaf, stem or flower) along with butter and allowing the cannabinoids to be extracted by the fat. The equipment necessary for the manufacture of cannabutter can be as simple as a sauce pan and spatula or as complicated as a double-boiler, or slow cookercheesecloth or tea strainerand funnel.[7] Cooking time varies from 10–15 minutes to 24 hours at 93 °C (199 °F), depending on the amount of cannabis used – .8 grams takes from 15–25 minutes,[citation needed] even though it is better to extend that time a bit more by not exceeding the 100 °C (212 °F) border, or even lowering to 90 °C (194 °F), to 24 hours for 30 grams.

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