High Times – Our Kind of Magazine

28 04 2010

Hello my fellow Pot Smokers!

I just thought I would try some new blogging software, and at the same time get you all to go check out High Times Magazine’s web page…
This magazine has been around for a long time, and if you are not aware of it (or perhaps have forgotten about it), then you really should check it out. I mean, you have to visit the premier Pot Lifestyle magazine’s home in the Ether!!!

Test Post

28 04 2010

Just trying some new blog software and want to make sure it works!

How to Roll a Joint: A Guide

23 04 2010

I just happened to happily stumble on a guide from Cannabis World Wide on normal-jointhow to roll a joint. They have instructions on rolling a couple of different styles of joints, including the Tulip style joint – one that I have not tried, but have seen in the wild a couple of times. I have always tended to roll, straight, cylindrical cigarette style joints (no tobacco), though I have rolled what the folks at Cannabis World Wide call a Super Joint.

Pretty interesting, and while I know how to roll a joint pretty well already, as previously stated, I have never tries a Tulip joint, so I  think I might make that a project this weekend!

Cool post on an equally cool site, be sure to check it out:


music note While writing this, I was listening to "If You Have Ghosts" by Roky Erickson

So Funny

22 04 2010

OK… I just found this on Reddit and it made me laugh, so check it out!!!


An Interesting Time Waster of a Game

20 04 2010



Wow, I just wasted about fourty minutes playing this cool little game, Boxspin, after smoking some nice, heavy-mellow weed. Click on the coloured circles, they turn, they effect the circle next to them…

At first it seemed mildly annoying, then I noticed fourty minutes had slipped away.

Just go play it. Or don’t.

Either way, I’m playing it.

My best score so far is 10 moves!!!


While blogging I was listening to Black Sabbath – Black Box: The Complete Original Black Sabbath (1970-1978) – Supernaut

Oh… Happy 420!!!

20 04 2010

Like the title says: Happy 420, my fellow Freaks!!!!


Celebrity Tip with Pierre Berton

20 04 2010

How to roll a joint with Pierre Burton… Well this made me laugh so hard the first time I saw it, that when I saw it again a while later, it was still hilarious.

If you know who Pierre Burton is, you are most likely Canadian, and if you don’t…well enjoy an old guy explaining how to roll a joint.

At the time of writing I was listening to The Doors – L. A. Woman – Love Her Madly