Episode of the Classic TV Show Dragnet Where Pot Drives Kids to Destruction! (Classic Commercials included!!!)

27 11 2010

Hey Folks!

I ound this episode of the classic police drama TV show, Dragnet, where Sergeant Friday investigates the destruction of a movie theater by teenagers hopped up on Pot!


Willie Nelson Busted with 6 Ounces of Pot in Texas

27 11 2010

Probably not much of a surprise, but famed country singer and long time self-declared pot smoker and all-round cool guy Willie Nelson was busted with 6 ounces of Pot in a Texas border town, Friday November 26th, 2010. Willie posted the $2500 bond and was shortly back on his way.

Read about it here:




While blogging I was listening to Jimmy Cliff – Sunshine in the Music – I Can See Clearly Now

Who’s Got the Best Weed?

27 11 2010

A Cannabis Contest in Aspen aims to crown a champ!


While blogging I was listening to DEVO – Total Devo – Don’t Be Cruel