Good Times: Pot Smokin’ Stories

Hello friends!

This is where you’ll find stories related to experiences we had while smoking Pot. I really hope you will share your stories with me so I can post them here. I want to hear them, be it your first time smoking, funny stories and weird things that you may have experienced while high. Come on, I really want to hear them!  Anonymity will be totaly respected!

So send those stories to

Let me get things started myself with the (boring) story of my first time smoking Pot.

My First Time Smoking Pot

I remember it quite well: It was winter 1983 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada  and it was cold. I had told my friends Derek and Mike that I would try pot that Friday, and that Friday had come. I was more than a little nervous, but I was committed.

We found ourselves huddled in a bus stop shelter. Mike lit the joint, took a drag off of it and passed it to Derek who followed suit. Then it was being passed to me. This was it: I was about to try “drugs.”  Well I took the joint and started to puff on it. Mike called me out for not inhaling so I drew a big puff into my lungs and just about coughed so hard I thought I was going to cough up a testicle! I passed the joint to Mike, and this time when it got back to me I took a smaller puff and was alright. We continued this until the roach burnt Derek’s fingers and was tossed aside. Both Derek and Mike asked me how I felt, which was pretty normal at the time. The pot seemed to not have affected me.

Well, we waited at the bus stop until we caught a bus to West Edmonton Mall (then the largest mall in the world – look it up), and started wading through the crowds. Shortly, I started feeling kind of weird. It felt a little like I was walking through Jell-O and that people were zooming towards me. I have to say that it wasn’t completely enjoyable, as I had nothing to reference these sensations.

Well, the three of us made it to the arcade and I zoned out for a while watching Derek play a game called Eyes. I tried playing Donkey Kong (a game that I was VERY good at), but I did pretty crappy at it. We then entered Fantasy Land (an amusement park in the mall (now called Galaxy Land) and not a state of mind), and soon Mike and Derek met a couple of other people they met. We hung out for a while and rode the Flying Swings (not a big deal, though I thought it might have been, you know… stoned).  After an hour or so more of just putzing around, I said I was going home. I did so and went straight to bed.

That, my friends, is my first experience with pot!


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