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12 02 2010

On Feb 10 I went to an appointment with my primary care doctor. I asked Her to recommend medical Marijuana to treat my neuropathy my Doctor did not want to discus it she told me she would recommend marijuana only for sever cancer pain. I suffer from sever pain and numbness in my hands fingers and feet I take 100 Mg of GABAPENTIN 3 times a day it doesnt cut all the pain and seems to make the numbness worse if I take a bigger dose it makes me feel tired all the time. I also have glaucoma and sever pain in my right knee from a bicycle accident. I know the marijuana works because I have used it for years it stops the pain in my hands And feet my fingers work so I can draw, it lets me get up and out to walk and exercise. So I use the marijuana when I can get it when I can afford it some times I have to crawl in deep slime and spend big money to get it. The marijuana recommendation in my medical records would allow me to stop dealing with criminals, protect me from prosecution and allow me to sign up with green cross for help. My Doctors should help me by doing this small thing Washington’s Medical marijuana laws allow treatment of my illness with marijuana but there are hoops to jump and loops to trip you up it’s just one more example of why marijuana should be legal so everyone can make up there own mind

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