Goin’ Camping–Getting Rollin’

29 06 2011

So, I am heading out for a mid-week camping trip2011-06-29 00.24.09 with the always awesome Mrs. Weedly. We’ll be camping somewhere in the beautiful Canadian Rockies. We’ll be leaving very early and are planning a meandering, photo-op filled drive. I’m about to head to bed so we can get going early, but I need to get a few joints rolled for the road. I thought it would also be a great time to stop by and say “Hi!”



While blogging I was listening to The Beatles – Rubber Soul – Michelle

Thank You Reddit – (A.K.A. A Bong on a Train)

19 06 2011

Found this picture while I was browsing Reddit.com this evening.




While blogging I was listening to Led Zeppelin – Presence – Achilles Last Stand