For Your Viewing Pleasure: A Couple of Pizza Hut Employees Passing a Bong At Work On New Years

6 01 2016

Just for shits n’ giggles…

10 Common Myths About Weed

15 06 2013

Thanks goes goes to my buddy Whorghoul for this link!

I’m Getting Ready to Relax

8 05 2013

Aviary Photo_130125550721588010


While relaxing I’m also watching the movie, Otis

Cool Blog I just Found–Weed Porn Daily

6 11 2011

I was Stumbling the web again whenWPD I found this cool Blog, Weed Porn Daily. I actually stumbled upon the picture of the smoke cooler in the picture that my link goes to, I just followed the link back to site. Freakin’ super supply house for awesome Weed Eye-candy.

Make sure you check it out when you are in the mood to be distracted by shiny things.

While blogging I was listening to Jr. Gone Wild – Too Dumb to Quit – The Bachelor Suite

Who’s Got the Best Weed?

27 11 2010

A Cannabis Contest in Aspen aims to crown a champ!

While blogging I was listening to DEVO – Total Devo – Don’t Be Cruel

Hey, I found a watch for all of us!

13 06 2010

I just stumbled upon this and I think it is awesome.Image of 4:20

It seems like Normalwatches has the perfect time keeping gift for any Pothead.

I think I might just order myself one!

Check it out here:

EDIT: I forgot to mention that I got this link while browsing

While blogging I was listening to Simon & Garfunkel – Greatest Hits – Mrs. Robinson