Uruguay Considering Importing Pot From Canada…Maybe

21 03 2014


An interesting article at the globalpost.com discussing the feasibility of Uruguay importing marijuana from legal growers in Canada. The article does point out that while it may not be practical now for both financial and legal reasons, marijuana trade between nations could be a thing at some time. Read the article yourself at the link below.


Cool Stumble: The Joint Rolling Handbook

12 03 2011


So, I was stumbling around on the ‘Net when I found this little diamond in the rough: The Joint Rolling Handbook. Now, quite honestly, I don’t need it: I can roll a freakin’ pretty sweet joint without a book, but this is still pretty cool.

Looks like you can either read the book on line or download it to read it at your leisure.

You can check it out here:


Who’s Got the Best Weed?

27 11 2010

A Cannabis Contest in Aspen aims to crown a champ!


While blogging I was listening to DEVO – Total Devo – Don’t Be Cruel

CTV Ottawa- Marijuana Activists Protest Extradition of Marc Emery

22 05 2010

Saw this on the CTV News site.

So our asshole government finally extridited Marc Emery to the US for selling pot seeds through the mail – a cram that might nab him a $500 fine here in Canada, but theoretically could carry a sentence of more than 20 years in the US.

This is freakin’ ridiculous.

Check it out here:

CTV Ottawa- Marijuana activists protest extradition of \.