I’m Getting Ready to Relax

8 05 2013

Aviary Photo_130125550721588010


While relaxing I’m also watching the movie, Otis

A Few Highlights From 4:20 in Edmonton, Alberta

22 04 2013

Okay… The weather was terrible and we only stayed for a few minutes. Sorry folks, but it felt like the planet was trying to kill us.

Here are the few shots we got:

Sorry I haven’t Posted For a While… Here’s What I Am Up To Right Now!

15 09 2010


Corpus Christi Cops Find Hundreds of Pot Plants in Park – Turns Out to be Just Weeds, and Not “Weed”

23 05 2010

245px-Chief_Wiggum flip-thumb-307x464 Alright!

A police officer in Corpus Christi, Texas found what he believed to be hundreds of pot plants growing in a park. After reporting it, the police spend hours collecting up the plants, as this is surely the largest pot growing patch they’ve ever found…

One problem: Turns out that they weren’t pot plants after all, but just some weeds.

I’m sure the parks department was thrilled that the cops spent a number of hours cleaning up the weeds at a local park

Aren’t these guys supposed to be trained?

Read about it here:


An Interesting Time Waster of a Game

20 04 2010



Wow, I just wasted about fourty minutes playing this cool little game, Boxspin, after smoking some nice, heavy-mellow weed. Click on the coloured circles, they turn, they effect the circle next to them…

At first it seemed mildly annoying, then I noticed fourty minutes had slipped away.

Just go play it. Or don’t.

Either way, I’m playing it.

My best score so far is 10 moves!!!


While blogging I was listening to Black Sabbath – Black Box: The Complete Original Black Sabbath (1970-1978) – Supernaut