Cool Post at Movieclips Trailers–Top 10 Stoner Films!

9 08 2013

Oh Man: Taco Pie… This HAS to Be Good!

9 02 2011

1249061137taco pieOnce again, I am beginning a post with “Sorry it’s been so long since the last…”

Oh well, sorry ‘bout that.

To make up for that, here is a link to a recipe that  I just Stumbled Upon. I haven’t tried it yet but I am pretty sure I will soon, because it sounds freakin’ amazing: Taco Pie

Check it out here and then come back and tell me how it was.

Here’s the link:

While I was blogging I was listening to Blind Willie McTell – Dirty Mistreater

A Page Dedicated to Cooking With Pot

27 06 2010

Oh Lordy; Here is a page dedicated to the art of cooking with Pot. stonercookbook

The Stoner’s Cook book in all it’s awesomeness!!!

This is quite awesome. I have on several occasions eaten items “seasoned” with weed and love it, when I have several hours where I have nothing that I need to do as the buzz lasts a looong time.

I think I might spend a weekend making a number of these recipes!

Hope you enjoy; The  link is below:

While blogging, I was listening to DEVO – Something For Everybody – Don’t Shoot (I’m A Man)