Alright… Smoke a Bowl And Watch This Video…Full Screen

6 04 2014

Just do it…

4:20 Today… A Selfie

1 12 2013

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Cheech and Chong’s Nice Dreams–Free and Complete!

23 09 2012

nicedreamsSo, how are ya? Nice and baked? Wondering what you should do? Well why not sit back and watch the silly Cheech and Chong classic pot movie, Nice Dreams for free, online? Well, you can over at Crackle isn’t paying me or anything: I was just checking out the movies they have to watch and this is one! Now, they are free in you don’t have to pay anything and you don’t need to sign up (though with this movie they do ask you to confirm your age – it’s a pot thing!), they do play a couple of commercials – I’m ok with that: I can always smoke through those!

So, in this dumb and fun movie, everyone’s favourite pot smoking duo are selling pot as posing as ice cream sellers.

Here’s the link:

Check it out and enjoy this silliness.

Thank You Reddit – (A.K.A. A Bong on a Train)

19 06 2011

Found this picture while I was browsing this evening.



While blogging I was listening to Led Zeppelin – Presence – Achilles Last Stand

Episode of the Classic TV Show Dragnet Where Pot Drives Kids to Destruction! (Classic Commercials included!!!)

27 11 2010

Hey Folks!

I ound this episode of the classic police drama TV show, Dragnet, where Sergeant Friday investigates the destruction of a movie theater by teenagers hopped up on Pot!


1942 U.S. War Effort Film: Hemp for Victory

24 05 2010

Here in all of it’s dry, fuzzy and none too exciting glory is the 1942 U.S F.D.A. and Department of Defence film, Hemp for Victory.

Produced and released in an effort to convince farmers to grow the incredibly versatile Hemp plant (pot without the stuff that makes you fuzzy), in order to help the War effort.

Now I think it’s next to impossible to get a permit to grow hemp in the U.S.A.

Check it out…

For Victory!

Corpus Christi Cops Find Hundreds of Pot Plants in Park – Turns Out to be Just Weeds, and Not “Weed”

23 05 2010

245px-Chief_Wiggum flip-thumb-307x464 Alright!

A police officer in Corpus Christi, Texas found what he believed to be hundreds of pot plants growing in a park. After reporting it, the police spend hours collecting up the plants, as this is surely the largest pot growing patch they’ve ever found…

One problem: Turns out that they weren’t pot plants after all, but just some weeds.

I’m sure the parks department was thrilled that the cops spent a number of hours cleaning up the weeds at a local park

Aren’t these guys supposed to be trained?

Read about it here: