Alright… Smoke a Bowl And Watch This Video…Full Screen

6 04 2014

Just do it…

Cool Post at Movieclips Trailers–Top 10 Stoner Films!

9 08 2013

I’m Getting Ready to Relax

8 05 2013

Aviary Photo_130125550721588010


While relaxing I’m also watching the movie, Otis

Cheech and Chong’s Nice Dreams–Free and Complete!

23 09 2012

nicedreamsSo, how are ya? Nice and baked? Wondering what you should do? Well why not sit back and watch the silly Cheech and Chong classic pot movie, Nice Dreams for free, online? Well, you can over at Crackle isn’t paying me or anything: I was just checking out the movies they have to watch and this is one! Now, they are free in you don’t have to pay anything and you don’t need to sign up (though with this movie they do ask you to confirm your age – it’s a pot thing!), they do play a couple of commercials – I’m ok with that: I can always smoke through those!

So, in this dumb and fun movie, everyone’s favourite pot smoking duo are selling pot as posing as ice cream sellers.

Here’s the link:

Check it out and enjoy this silliness.

Joan River Smokes Pot on Her Reality Show

2 02 2012

OK… I think Joan Rivers is a hilarious person always. I also think she’s cool. Now I know she is: She smoked pot on her new reality show!

Check out the link to the story and the clip from her show on the Winnipeg Sun’s site here:


YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! Black Putty Hash

10 02 2011

IMG_9544A good friend of mine hooked me up with some AMAZING black hash. I have not seen hash like this since the mid to late 1980s. This is the  kind of stuff I smoked when I first started smoking.

Soooooooo Good!

Welcome to Weedly’s Pot Blog

3 11 2009

bowlHello and welcome to what I hope becomes a thriving blog/community dedicated to the wonderful plant/drug, Marijuana (hence forth mostly to be referred to as “pot”).

A Little about me and my experiences with pot:

Call me Weedly (not my real name). I have been smoking pot for about 25 years and will probably continue for the rest of my life. I started smoking pot as a typical Canadian teenager of the 1980s. I smoked pot at first because my friends were, but quickly switched to smoking for my own reasons (heeheehee). I used to love smoking a big joint and then putting on the ol’ headphones and escaping into Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon or Relics, Klaatu’s Hope or whatever other freaky album I might have been into at that exact moment in time. Friday night trips (pun intended) the the gigantic West Edmonton Mall to play videogames in the great Aladdin’s arcade while in a pot induced delirium or hanging out with at a buddies place playing darts and smoking were the norm.

Over the years, I continued smoking, mostly for pleasure’s sake, and never in any really great amounts: just a joint or two a day for the most part. Sure, there were times, with buddies, where we might go through a significant amount of weed in a short while… but those times were fewer and farther between as time went by. Casual smoking was really the norm, not the exception.

Then in the mid 1990s I hurt my back quite badly at work and found myself off work, recuperating for a significant amount of time. While injured I was prescribed various drugs for pain and inflammation reduction. All these drugs seemed to have side effects that (for me) seemed worse that the original pain. Codeine made me sleepy and slow, Arthrotec (or whatever) gave me weird dreams and fitful sleep, some gave me an upset stomach. I soon discovered that the best medicine for me was one I was already using: Pot (surprised?). Out of frustration, I started smoking a little more when the pain was particularly bad. Soon I started noticing (as did the people around me), that I was up and about a lot more and complaining a lot less about my back pain. Now, I don’t know if the pot actually reduced the pain much, but it did manage to distract me from it, allowing me to enjoy life a lot more than I had been. I was a poster-child (heh, not really a child, but you know what I mean), for Medical Marijuana before I ever heard of the term!

So, over fourteen years since my accident, I still suffer with chronic back pain. Aside from prescribed drugs for the pain, there doesn’t seem to be any “fix” for what ails me, so I still find myself self medicating with pot when the pain gets to be too much. That’s not to say that I don’t smoke for pleasure anymore, because I do. It’s just that I also smoke for relief.

I should state that the point of this blog is not necessarily to be an advocate for Medical Marijuana, but to share pot experiences, good times bad time etc. This blog is supposed to be fun, and if I manage to help someone in any way, well cool beans, then!