Went Camping And Made Friends With a Squirrel With Good Taste

20 07 2014

Met this little sucker while taking a smoke break while enjoying the peacefulness of a tiny, out of the way lake in the Okanagan.


Fun Blog Post: 25 Signs You Smoke Too Much Pot

28 06 2014

zigzagmanFound on Viralever.com, 25 signs that you smoke too much pot. Pretty funny stuff and if anything, it gave me a few ideas regarding smoking! Hehehe… enjoy!


Cartoon Characters… High

11 06 2010

Damn I love this blog, hailmaryjane.com!tumblr_l22hdwITnc1qzw8auo1_500

There’s always something cool to check out.

This time it’s an awesome pic of some well known cartoon characters “relaxing.”

Check it out here: