What I’m Smoking Now

15 08 2013


Just Sharing: Cleaning Up Some Kush

23 07 2011

Just about to clean the stems from some Kush, so I thought “d share a picture of my weed…

2011-07-23 11.44.09

While blogging I was listening to Black Sabbath – Between Heaven And Hell 1970-1 – Wicked World

More 4:20 Updates

20 04 2011

Holy Crap, this was fun! A few thousand folks showed up for the 4:20 rally on the grounds of the Alberta Legislature Building in Edmonton today. I went with a few buddies and we wandered the hazy crowd for several hours. Right now I am just posting  pictures and such, but will probably add descriptions later.

Cool Stumble: The Joint Rolling Handbook

12 03 2011


So, I was stumbling around on the ‘Net when I found this little diamond in the rough: The Joint Rolling Handbook. Now, quite honestly, I don’t need it: I can roll a freakin’ pretty sweet joint without a book, but this is still pretty cool.

Looks like you can either read the book on line or download it to read it at your leisure.

You can check it out here:


Who’s Got the Best Weed?

27 11 2010

A Cannabis Contest in Aspen aims to crown a champ!


While blogging I was listening to DEVO – Total Devo – Don’t Be Cruel

What Strain of Pot Is This?

21 07 2010

I would call it Redhair or Skunk weed  but that’s because I am an old fart. Is it still called that, or is there a more specific or widely used name now? What would you call it?





A Page Dedicated to Cooking With Pot

27 06 2010

Oh Lordy; Here is a page dedicated to the art of cooking with Pot. stonercookbook

The Stoner’s Cook book in all it’s awesomeness!!!

This is quite awesome. I have on several occasions eaten items “seasoned” with weed and love it, when I have several hours where I have nothing that I need to do as the buzz lasts a looong time.

I think I might spend a weekend making a number of these recipes!

Hope you enjoy; The  link is below:


While blogging, I was listening to DEVO – Something For Everybody – Don’t Shoot (I’m A Man)