It’s Happening: Justin Trudeau Orders Canada’s Justice Minister To Begin the Process of Marijuana Legalization

16 11 2015

Flag_of_Canada.svg copyWell, it’s finally happening: Canada’s new Liberal government is moving to legalize marijuana. Part of their election platform, Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government is starting the ball rolling on the legalization of marijuana. Finally we can stop worrying about being persecuted for something that doesn’t harm anyone. Sure, for several years, if you had under thirty grams, you would only get a fine, like a parking ticket, but even that is/was unnecessary. Another great benefit will be the taxes that the government will be be able to take in: one you IMG_0906tax pot, you open a huge, previously untapped revenue stream that can be put towards education, health and infrastructure. At a time when the Canadian economy is on shaky grounds, this can be a huge overall economic benefit. On top of all that, it’s going to be really nice to be able to go into a store and buy my pot, instead of having to setup a clandestine meeting at an inconvenient time. Yes sir, I’m going to be happy when this is all said and done!

Check out this article on for more info: Justin Trudeau Has Ordered Canada’s Justice Minister to Start the Weed Legalization Process


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9 08 2013

10 Common Myths About Weed

15 06 2013

Thanks goes goes to my buddy Whorghoul for this link!

A Few Highlights From 4:20 in Edmonton, Alberta

22 04 2013

Okay… The weather was terrible and we only stayed for a few minutes. Sorry folks, but it felt like the planet was trying to kill us.

Here are the few shots we got:

Zach Galifianakis smokes weed on Bill Maher’s Real Time

30 10 2010

So, actor Zack Galifianakis lit one up live on TV this week.

Check it out here!

You go for it Zack!

And one more thing: If you’re reading this, are of age and live in California then remember: Get your Ass Off the Couch and Vote for Prop. 19 and your local Democrat.

(I’m a Canadian, but I still care).

Ah… I Scored Just as I was Running Out

9 06 2010

Well, the last few days I have been conserving what little weed I had, as I did not see an opportunity to score for a little while.

It was getting quite tight and I was down to the weed dust at the bottom of the bag when my buddy came through for me.

I snagged a 1/2 ounce to tide me over for the next couple of weeks (I really don’t smoke much, despite running this blog; just a few puffs each evening while sitting at the computer). This is a really sweet tasting pot, with a smooth, (relatively) easy to inhale   smoke. The stone i s pretty heavy, but not so rough that it kicks you in the ass. You can still function after smoking this…

Life can be good, can it not?

Here’s a few pics of one of the nice buds in one of the bags.

Can anyone identify the strain? I am not good at that…

nice_bud nice_bud1 nice_bud2 nice_bud3 nice_bud4

They’ve Raided Montreal Medical Dispensaries – Somebody Stop these Assholes!

4 06 2010

So the police raided Montreal medical pot dispensaries, June 3rd 2010. 1143396130D1tX60

Arrests are pending while the sick are denied the medication that works for them with the least amount of (harmful) side effects.

Somebody has to put a stop to these assholes.

Maybe it will be a Judge that finally says, “Enough!”

Maybe it will be the police chief that says we can’t keep putting innocent people away for doing something that no one really thinks is harmful.

Maybe it will be the political leaders that say we’ve punished enough people for something that should be a matter of personal choice.

Maybe it will be you and I who steps up and says “No!” loudly and in enough numbers to be heard above the din of the conservative minority.


Read about the raids here:

While blogging I was listening to Stevie Ray Vaughn – The Sky Is Crying – Life By The Drop