Cool Post at Movieclips Trailers–Top 10 Stoner Films!

9 08 2013

10 Common Myths About Weed

15 06 2013

Thanks goes goes to my buddy Whorghoul for this link!

I’m Getting Ready to Relax

8 05 2013

Aviary Photo_130125550721588010


While relaxing I’m also watching the movie, Otis

Ridiculously Elaborate Bongs

31 01 2012

Found this on today:image

It is a post about elaborate bongs…

Cool Stuff!

Just Sharing: Cleaning Up Some Kush

23 07 2011

Just about to clean the stems from some Kush, so I thought “d share a picture of my weed…

2011-07-23 11.44.09

While blogging I was listening to Black Sabbath – Between Heaven And Hell 1970-1 – Wicked World

Goin’ Camping–Getting Rollin’

29 06 2011

So, I am heading out for a mid-week camping trip2011-06-29 00.24.09 with the always awesome Mrs. Weedly. We’ll be camping somewhere in the beautiful Canadian Rockies. We’ll be leaving very early and are planning a meandering, photo-op filled drive. I’m about to head to bed so we can get going early, but I need to get a few joints rolled for the road. I thought it would also be a great time to stop by and say “Hi!”



While blogging I was listening to The Beatles – Rubber Soul – Michelle

A New Stumble: 420 Achievement Awards

2 05 2011


I was stumbling the ‘Net, kinda’ fuzzy when I fell into this:

The 4:20 Achievements from 420chan.

Check it out for a quick laugh!