Spend Three Bucks, Smoke Some Pot, Watch Bong of the Dead and Be Happy!

1 03 2012

Alright folks, I just finished watching a super Indie film called Bong of the Dead. Mostly a one man creation (aside from the actors), this Pot-Zombie Survival Comedy film proves that Pot-Zombie Survival Comedy films don’t have to suck. And the fact that the creator is offering it for download for the cRaZy low price of $2.99 means you have no reason not to see it and support an artist at the same time.

Created by Thomas Newman on a budget of not more than $5000, and pieced together, all by himself over three years, Mr Newman proves what can be done when you have talent and drive. When I read how much the budget was for this flick, I immediately lowered my expectations as to what to expect – I didn’t have to. Kudos to you Mr Newman for creating a such a fun, action Zombie film.

Everyone: Go to the Bong of the Dead site, spend $2.99, download the movie, smoke some bud, watch the film and have fun…

Get the Movie here:

While blogging I was listening to Wall of Voodoo – Seven Days (in Sammystown) – (Don’t Spill My) Courage




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27 05 2012

Bong of the Dead!? wow I’ll have to check that out….
( ;
write on,
Space Hippie

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