Ah… I Scored Just as I was Running Out

9 06 2010

Well, the last few days I have been conserving what little weed I had, as I did not see an opportunity to score for a little while.

It was getting quite tight and I was down to the weed dust at the bottom of the bag when my buddy came through for me.

I snagged a 1/2 ounce to tide me over for the next couple of weeks (I really don’t smoke much, despite running this blog; just a few puffs each evening while sitting at the computer). This is a really sweet tasting pot, with a smooth, (relatively) easy to inhale   smoke. The stone i s pretty heavy, but not so rough that it kicks you in the ass. You can still function after smoking this…

Life can be good, can it not?

Here’s a few pics of one of the nice buds in one of the bags.

Can anyone identify the strain? I am not good at that…

nice_bud nice_bud1 nice_bud2 nice_bud3 nice_bud4




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