Man Chooses Jail Over Giving Up Medical Pot

5 06 2010

Honestly, this isn’t going to be a blog that dwells on the legality of weed, but you know I have to post the important and interesting stuff…injail

Found a link on Reddit to an article posted to the cool (and new to me) blog. Toke of the Town, about a gut whom chose 30 days in jail over giving up medicinal marijuana.

I applaud the man for his stance. I am a huge proponent of marijuana for personal consumption, but I think I’d wimp out. I’ve never been to prison, and don’t think I’d I’d do well there.

I’m just saying.

Read the article here:

Man Chooses 30 Days in Jail Instead Of Quitting Marijuana


While blogging I was listening to Sheavy – The Machine That Won the War – The Gunfighters




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