They’ve Raided Montreal Medical Dispensaries – Somebody Stop these Assholes!

4 06 2010

So the police raided Montreal medical pot dispensaries, June 3rd 2010. 1143396130D1tX60

Arrests are pending while the sick are denied the medication that works for them with the least amount of (harmful) side effects.

Somebody has to put a stop to these assholes.

Maybe it will be a Judge that finally says, “Enough!”

Maybe it will be the police chief that says we can’t keep putting innocent people away for doing something that no one really thinks is harmful.

Maybe it will be the political leaders that say we’ve punished enough people for something that should be a matter of personal choice.

Maybe it will be you and I who steps up and says “No!” loudly and in enough numbers to be heard above the din of the conservative minority.


Read about the raids here:

While blogging I was listening to Stevie Ray Vaughn – The Sky Is Crying – Life By The Drop




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