OK, I know this sounds a little crazy…

2 06 2010

Hehehe… I know this is a little strange but I just had to share this:lloyd-bridges-31

My friends and I were sitting around smokin’ and watching a show, Deadliest Warrior when I realized that the narrator sounded like someone with an Irish accent (perhaps an Irish person), doing a a  pretty good, if overly dramatic Lloyd Bridges impersonation.

Don’t take my word for it, listen and decide for yourself.

Here’s a couple of Youtube clips, the first from the Show Deadliest Warrior, and the second a clip from the television show, Seinfeld. In the Deadliest warrior clip pay attention to the narrator’s voice, and in the Seinfeld clip it’s Izzy Mendlebaun (played by Lloyd Bridges, but you probably knew that) that you want to listen to.

I’m just saying…























While blogging I was listening to Rainbow – Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow – Black Sheep Of The Family




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