The Toxic Avenger I & II: Do You Have Enough Weed For These Films?

8 05 2010

I had a few days off recently and so after 26 years, I have finally watched the movie, The Toxic Avenger. poster-the-toxic-avenger-2

“What is the Toxic Avenger?”, you may ask. The Toxic Aveger is a film that came out in 1984 from a company called Troma Entertainment.

The Toxic Avenger is the story of a loser named Melvin, that works as a janitor at a fitness center in the fictional town of Tromaville, New Jersey, the toxic waste dumping capital of the world. Melvin has become the target of the group of murderous crazy leaders of the jerks that use the fitness melvin distressedcenter. They devise a plot to humiliate Melvin in front of the entire clientele of the fitness center. I won’t go into their plot except to say it involves a sheep dressed in a bra. Anyway, Melvin freaks out and is chased out a second story window, where he falls into a vat of nuclear waste that hideously changes him into the molten mass of flesh  called the Toxic Avenger (or “Toxie”).melvintutuhall

Well Toxie gets revenge against those that wronged him, but that’s not all: You see, it seems the toxic waste that turned him into The Toxic Avenger, infused him with Tromatrons that alert him to evil and make him destroy said evil. So, he goes and destroys all the evil people in the town of Tromaville. Oh, and he saves a blond hottie that falls in love with him.

ToxieThat is pretty much the gist of what makes up The Toxic Avenger. Oh, sure, there is a plot involving a gang that the mayor and the Nazi-like Police Chief are wrapped up in, but really, it’s all gravy.

Doesn’t sound like much, right? Well let me tell you this: The Toxic Avenger is awesome!!! This is just a pure silly, fun, intentionally campy B movie, with lot’s of gratuitous sex and violence. Don’t judge this movie on it’s production values: judge it on whether it does what it is supposed to do: poke fun at the Horror movies, Superhero movies and the general culture of early to mid 1980s America and itself. And it does that well.

After watching that crazy film, I decided to watch the aptly titled sequel, The Toxic Avenger Part II. In this film Toxie is tricked by an evil chemical company into going to Japan where someone posing as his father is supposed to douse him with a chemical that will destroy him, leaving the town of Tromaville defenceless and easy to take over.

Needless to say, lots of violence and comedic buffoonery is involved, and eventually Toxie saves the day…

Listen, there is absolutely no way I can really do these films justice, so why don’t you find your self a copy of each, load a bowl, or smoke a big joint, sit back and enjoy these crazy movies!




One response

15 05 2010

I have to agree ,with you ,about these movies , the gore is low budget but very effective,the story is great comedy, and i have to give props to the director lloyd kaufman ,one of the nicest guys i’ve meet in the movie industry …
get a big bag of weed roll up a dozen and grab some friends and the tox box and enjoy the 4 toxie movies and have fun

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