Good movies to watch while high on pot

27 11 2009

This is a list of good movies to watch while high on Pot that I decided to compile, after smoking a little Pot. I started it and got quite most of it done and then pawned the rest off on a couple of buddies! These are in no particular order, and this list isn’t "The Best Movies to Watch High on Pot," just some good movies to watch while enjoying the green.

  • Any Monty Python Movie (but especially Monty Python and the Holy Grail)
    • ADDED LATE: At first for got to add any Monty Python, mostly due to smoking pot and getting distracted by shiny things!  Anyway, anything by Monty Python fits the bill for good watching while high…anything. I especially like Monty Python and the Holy Grail, though, as I believe it just may be the pinnacle of humour!

  • The Big Lebowski
    • Just an all round cool movie with cool characters. Jeff Bridges as Jeffrey Lebowski (aka "The Dude") is amazing, and John Goodman as The Dudes friend Walter Sobchak is a performance you won’t soon forget. A mix up around two people with the same name that leads to an epic battle to get the Dude’s carpet replaced or cleaned after a thug pissed on it… Never mind that, just take a few puffs and watch the damn thing!
    • Caddyshack
      • One of the best Summer comedies of all time! Trouble’s brewing at an upscale private golf course/country club when a crass, fun loving loudmouthed millionaire plans on joining the quiet and normally reserved club. Bill Murray puts in one of the funniest performances ever captured on film (in my opinion, at least), as the messed up, pot smokin’, gopher hunting groundskeeper Carl Spackler. Great performances from Chevy Chase, Rodney Dangerfield (his best performance!) and Ted Night make this one a gem.
    • Spaceballs
      • Mel Brooks takes on Star Wars. Brooks comedic genius combined with alumni of the great Canadian Second City Television (SCTV) Rick Moranis and the late John Candy makes this a winning sci-fi cheesefest.
    • Evil Dead 2
      • A Sam Raimi masterpiece. I know it’s it’s Evil Dead 2, but it’s not necessary to watch the first. Evil Dead 2 is written as if the first didn’t take place, despite both staring the great Bruce Campbell and taking place in the same old scary cabin. It’s just that I find the second movie superior. Even so, I still suggest watching the original Evil Dead.
    • A Scanner Darkly
      • An award winning book by Philip K. Dick, translated into an animation meets reality festival for the eyes with a story that draws you deep into itself. A twisted tale of a deep undercover vice cop trying to find the source of the drug "Substance D," a drug that he himself has become addicted to. A myriad of twisted characters and plot drive this movie. A great cast of actors including Keanu Reeves, Robert Downey Jr., Winona Ryder and Woody Harrelson certainly doesn’t hurt either. Try to make sure you smoke your good, heavy mental stuff for this movie.
    • Pink Floyd The Wall
      • An over the top, self indulgent whiny story about how shitty life would be if you were a fabulously filthy rich monster rock star made of equal parts Syd Barret and Roger Waters. Oh, and it totally freakin’ rocks. Pink Floyd’s monster Rock Opera concept album, The Wall fuels this warped, cool stylistic animations mixed with live action. A feast for the ears, eyes and mind. Puff away!!!
    • Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle
      • A truly funny, stupid movie about two stoned buddies trying to score some White Castle burgers. Neil Patrick Harris (as himself) steals their car, and the dubious duo end up riding on the back of a cheetah so you know this is a good movie!
    • Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters 
      • One of the most disjointed plot-lines I’ve ever seen with a bizarre collection of animated characters including a floating, super-powerful "fries", a milkshake with tiny hands, a suggested omniscient watermelon and his side-kick, Rush’s Niel Peart. The "Let’s All Grab a Snack" retro intro is classic.  "Don’t talk, watch! Don’t talk, watch! You came here, watch it! You don’t like it, walk out!
    • Heavy metal

      • An awesome movie to watch after smoking a little something,something. It is animated, there is great music and boobs, it took forever to get on vhs , just waiting for a blu-ray copy of it.
  • The Kentucky Fried Movie
    • The very first movie from John Landis (He even has a cameo). This collection of skits, satire, and parodies from 1977 stands also as one of the first efforts from the creative team of Jim Abrahams  and the Zucker Brothers of Airplane! and The Naked Gun fame. It sports a "movie within-a-movie" called "A fist Full of Yen" which is a spoof of Enter the Dragon. Classic. Any movie that starts off with a news anchor stating "The popcorn you are eating has been pissed in…film at 11" receives high accolades.  

    As you probably know, a list like this could go on and on… but it won’t!

    That’s it for now, folk. Hope you enjoy!

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