11 11 2009

13macur_CA023.600 So, a good friend of mine was riding his bike to work when he was recklessly cut off by an idiot woman on her cell phone. He had to put his breaks on full and ended up going head over his handlebars, breaking his forearm and two fingers along with a black eye and some serious road burn. The driver kept going, oblivious to it all.

This especially sucks as he is a tattoo artist and will now be out of work for a month or two. That’s two months with out income because one stupid human was talking on her phone while driving.

Well, we spent an hour or so talking over Skype. His pain killers that were prescribed at the hospital started wearing off, so we smoked a few bowls of the weed we had (I had some good, but unknown (to me) strain of weed, while he had some blueberry Kush. We got a little fuzzy. I know it helped my Buddy…




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